Sunday, August 8, 2010

This is what happens...

...when we forget the wheelchair.
A little adventure to a Grandpa's historic farm and we made due with the car seat. Brayden looks thrilled right?

Watch out, mommy and daddy take the opportunity for some Brayden torture...we thought he would like it. We strapped the car seat in for an off-roading adventure. He did not enjoy it, it made he cheeks jiggle too much.

I have to be honest, sometimes I just get tired of remembering all of his gear. Sometimes it is not too much stuff and a lot of days we have his nurse to help but I have never been the mom who likes to take all of the gear. One of the things you look forward to when your kids get older is just going. Just going to the store, a movie, a day trip, a day of gear packed up for Brayden might as well be for a week.

The loading and unloading of the car, seriously the kid needs his own personal bell hop. And sometimes we forget a wheelchair, which thankfully rarely happens.

Yes, we want him to be comfortable but everywhere we go, it feels like we are moving in!

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kirstenpetree said...

I know that feeling!!!