Sunday, August 15, 2010

Great friends get their wish

Brayden and I had the privilege of joining our little friend Daniel for his Make-a-Wish party. Oh it was a treat!
Daniel has been fighting a brain tumor for several years. The tumor has brought along many challenges, like vision impairment and feeding difficulties. Since Daniel is not able to travel much, his Make-a-Wish was right at home...a special bean bag chair (with vibration and surround sound), lots of braille toys and many other learning devices.

To watch him explore his new things was so precious.

I adore this family. They love the Lord and trust Him so deeply. We pray for them and they pray for us.
I know that we can laugh together and cry together...all about our crazy, abnormal experiences. It was wonderful to be a part of his big day.


Junior said...

Make A Wish is such an wonderful organization. Looks like it was a very special day.

Shannon said...

Fantastic!! Hooray for Daniel!! So glad they were able to grant his wish and provide him with such wonderful toys. I love their family photo.

April said...


I am said...
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