Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Favorite place to be

is in his bed. Brayden loves to be in his bed.

On a rainy day, a string of Christmas lights can be such fun (his eyes are looking different directions when he may be trying really hard to look at something). He was having a blast hanging out in his bed. I walked in to find him all smiles.
Here's the thing...yes, he does love to be in his bed but I do not want him in his bed all the time. He would spend the entire day and night in there if we let him.
Some days the only place he wants to be is in his bed. He will cry and fuss; put him in his bed and he is content.

I do not want him to be a little boy who only spends time in his bed. He is a three year old boy. We have tried to keep him up and out during the day and only in his bed for nap and bedtime. Many days he would rather be in his bed and he lets us know.


The VW's said...

Love his bed and bedroom! I would probably like to spend lots of time in there myself!

Those pics of him are precious!!!

Slinki said...

What a beautiful smile! I love this!

Shannon said...

I love these photos!!

Amanda said...

love his bed! we are in the process of trying to get ethan one as well. i love reading your blogs and keeping up with brayden.. he is so precious!