Monday, August 16, 2010

I've Never...

Wanna play I've Never (the non-drinking version people!)?
Okay, my turn,
I've never carried around a urine sample in my purse.
Dropping off the kidney stone and urine sample, fresh from the house to the lab today. Lets just say it was not my first time (thankfully this time it did not include a stool sample).


Andrea said...

I actually have carried around urine samples in my bag/purse. At the end of my pregnancy with Ellie they kept checking the amount of protein in my urine and I would have to collect it for 24 hours. Every time I went somewhere I would have to take my purse bag that was big enough to hold the container. I was looking at your pictures on the family blog, are Carter and Luke left-handed? Ellie is and I was wondering if maybe it was coming from somewhere over on the Sommerfeld side.

Debbie said...

No, I have never...

thankfully...seems medically we've done so more thing to be thankful for not having to do...yet! :)

Anonymous said...

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