Friday, August 27, 2010

Kidney stone, where did you go?

Brayden had another renal/bladder ultrasound this week.

When scheduling for it, the tech went through the things to do for the procedure. She asked how old Brayden was; I told her three. She proceeded with the instructions of two glasses of water right before the ultrasound and do not go to the bathroom.

Hmmm, I interrupted and told her he was only J-tube fed and in diapers.

She said never mind and just to bring him in...for once we had it easy.

Brayden did alright for the ultrasound, rolling him back and forth to get the appropriate pictures.

Then he and I waited in the room. The tech came back to say that the preliminary reports show little sign of a kidney stone but the doctor needed to look more thoroughly.

I have not heard the final report yet. I am wondering where that 9mm kidney stone went...

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