Monday, August 2, 2010

A little thoughtfulness goes a long way

I have a friend, Laura, whose plate is incredibly full with her son who is battling a brain tumor. Yet she takes time to send me notes and little gifts in the mail. Always such a treat.

Another friend of the Jenkins family, Elena, has delivered (on multiple occasions) a little pink box with a black and white sticker. A couple of years ago, we stumbled upon a humble little bakery that I came to enjoy. She remembered that I have a love for the yummy treat inside. Want to guess what the place is? A big hint...they just got a show on TLC.

Many others have provided food, goodies, emailed us, dropped a note in the mail or called (I have mentioned before that I have the best neighbors). All mean so much.

Today, I dropped the boys off at soccer camp. One of the soccer coaches (who is fresh out of college) helps out with soccer during the school year with Luke's age group. The past year Luke was not with his age group because he was playing up with Carter. The soccer coach thought Luke would certainly be there because we hardly miss a day of soccer. This guy had always been so kind to Brayden, always talking to him. This morning when I was dropping Carter and Luke off for camp, he told me (called me Luke's mom since he has no clue what my name is) that during the season he carried around an extra soccer shirt to give to Brayden but he never saw us. I told him that I really appreciated his thoughtfulness. Soccer dude, that was thoughtful and never expected.

a little bit goes such a long way.


The Henrys said...

Isn't it amazing just how much those little gestures mean? It sounds like you have some amazing friends and that soccer dude is tops!

Mo said...

Somedays that's all it takes to keep us going...happy for you.