Friday, August 13, 2010

Kidneys and sleep

Brayden visited the nephrologist. Brayden kidneys are doing fine but he is having problems with kidney stones. The ketogenic diet and one of Brayden's medications could be the cause but not sure yet. Brayden will be getting regular renal ultrasounds and urinalysis (every three months or so). He will be starting medication and an increase in fluids to help.

I did keep the stone that he passed in a ziploc bag safely tucked away in his icky as I thought it was to keep it, the doctor actually asked me to bring it to the lab!

Meanwhile, Brayden's neurologist called with the results from the sleep study. Brayden has obstructive sleep apnea. The are three possible causes of this: low tone, large adenoids or large tonsils. Brayden will be seeing an otolaryngologist (the ENT). Large adenoids or large tonsils could mean surgery to remove them. If it is just low tone, they will look into other options.

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Michelle said...

sorry about adding another thing to your plate. Kaleigh has obstructive sleep apenea as well and is having her tonsils taken out in about a month and while I'm a little nervous about it, I can't imagine your sweet little boy having to endure something else. I will be praying that it is just low tone and that you will be able to do something else without surgery.