Thursday, August 19, 2010


This morning Brayden had an re-assessment for his waiver (something VA provides to those who require respite and/or nursing care).

The assessments are questions about diagnosis, medical needs, medications, developmental skills, etc.

Filling out the form, his diagnosis section is very full (since he does not have one diagnosis but a list of items)

Medical needs, full.

Medications, full.

Developmental skills...nothing. He got no marks for developmental skills. I consider his crying as communication but for the assessment it does not count. I consider him kicking his legs when he is mad as movement but that does not count (they are looking for rolling, crawling, walking, etc.).

Technically he performs at the newborn level. But I know he is a sweet and stubborn 3 year old boy. Who cries when he is unhappy, kicks his legs when he is really mad, sucks his left pointer finger and whines to get daddy to hold him.


Mo said...

Regardless...we love Brayden.

Anonymous said...

You know him best.