Monday, August 23, 2010

Baby can Read

The advertisement for this product is on TV constantly, Baby can Read.

I have no opinion on it what so ever. However, Carter and Luke want us to get it. They suggest it all the time.

Why, you ask?

They want us to get it for Brayden. To help him talk and read. They are convinced that Brayden can use it.

I haven't explained to them that it is not really for him.


Mo said...

Personally, that ad on TV makes me angry....I cuss it every time it comes on a then change the channel. Really people??

Shannon said...

I am not familiar with the product, but I love Luke and Carter's thought process.

The VW's said...

They love their brother so! They obviously have a lot of faith in their brother.....and that's a great thing! HUGS!

Michelle said...

they are such sweet boys, they obviously love their brother.