Friday, September 25, 2009

What are you thinking?

Being a parent of a non-verbal child is hard.

Hard to know what they are thinking, what the want, what hurts, how they need help, what they want to do.

Sure we get ques from him. It might be a little head nod or a kick or even a cry. But it always leaves me wondering what Brayden is really thinking.

Is he telling daddy to hold him more? Is he telling Carter to read him more books? Is he telling Luke to be quiet? What is he telling me?

I am sure that Brayden understands much more than he lets on. While I do not think, he thinks in a completely coherent way or even the same as other 2 year olds, he does have opinions and thoughts about his world and however he processes it.

I saw the video about a non-verbal autistic girl. It is extremely different from anything Brayden is dealing with other than being non-verbal but it certainly makes you realize that these children are in there...some where, wanting to make it better and be understood.

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Wherever HE Leads We'll Go said...

That video is amazing! I am crying right now. What a powerful story.

I always wonder what Emily is thinking. What she could tell me if she could. I cannot even imagine how that family celebrated when their daughter found a way to communicate after all thoese years!