Sunday, September 6, 2009

911 to church

Sunday morning is usually hectic for those families heading into church and attempting to be on time. Running around making sure everyone is clean and feed always seems to be more of a task on Sunday mornings.

Brayden takes us a while to get ready. A half an hour on the suction machine, getting and giving medicines, bath, getting him dressed and making sure we have the proper gear packed for him, all adds up to a serious amount of time.

We all load in the car and headed to church this morning. Brayden seemed uncomfortable for most of the ride. He seemed to be squirming. We thought it was the sun bothering his sensitive eyes and he wanted to sleep. When we arrived at church, Jeremy pulled him out of the car and Brayden did not change positions; left arm and leg curled up, shaking them up and down. He was having a seizure. We assumed it would pass but it was not. I then administered his Diastat, a rectal dose of anti-seizure medication. Of course he pooped right after giving it, some was absorbed but not much. And he was still seizing.

Trying to assess what our next step should be we decided on a call for an ambulance. I called 911, Brayden seemed to come out but then quickly went back into the seizure. I asked the 911 dispatcher to have them not use the sirens in hopes that it would not draw to much attention to the situation or disrupt the church service. Apparently, they have to use the sirens.

So the firetruck and ambulance came blazing in to the church parking lot. Brayden was loaded, seemed to come out of the seizure but then went back in. The closest hospital was only 5 minutes away and a small local one that Brayden has not been to.

Brayden seized for the ride and when getting him situated in the ER. Shortly after arriving though he broke out of the seizure.

The seizure lasted for about 45-60 minutes, his usually last 10-30 seconds.

The ER staff seemed a bit nervous and we were too since they needed blood work and an IV. Brayden veins are shot from being in and out of the hospital the past few weeks. After a couple of sticks, they go the blood work and IV. They gave him a dose ativan (something similar). Brayden was doing fine. The doctor ran some blood work, chest x-ray, talked to Brayden's neurologist on call and everything was fine.

Brayden was sent home. Right now he is just tired from a long seizure and the heavy medications. Thankfully those prolonged seizures do not cause he much harm and he quickly recovers.

Our Sunday was much more hectic than just rushing to church, Brayden was rushed to the hospital. Oh boy.

Seriously, an ambulance to the church?! Really?!


Shannon said...

So glad Brayden is home and doing okay. I can't imagine seizing for that long a period of time. Never a dull moment...

Tracey said...

We were at Saturday night service and missed all the excitement! I'm glad you guys are home and Brayden is okay. Will he still start school on Tuesday? Prayed for you as I read Carrie. Love, Tracey

Michelle said...

So sorry to hear about poor Brayden, but so glad it wasn't anything more serious that he would have to stay in the hospital...Again. I'm sure people at church could have cared less, it probably gave D.R.'s sermon a little more ammunition on things you can't control.

Megan said...

On the positive side, when you pull an ambulance into the church parking lot, you can be sure that at least your child will be covered well in prayer for the ride! I'm glad the seizure ended at the hospital and they didn't keep you too long before letting you all go home.