Saturday, September 5, 2009

School Open House

It was time for Brayden's school open house. His school is a local elementary school (not the one Carter attends) that has classrooms for special education preschool. We visited the classroom. The teacher and two teaching aids spent time with Brayden, holding him, talking with him and finding items in the classroom that he might be interested in. Brayden did really well and even showed off a bit.

On Tuesday morning, a bus will arrive at our home at 6:58 a.m. for Brayden. There was a mix up on the bus so for now he will have his own personal bus in the morning, he will be the only child on that bus. School starts at 7:50 and ends at 11:50. It will be a long day for Brayden but sure that he will quickly adjust.

Carter and Luke came along. The teacher and aids were great with them asking them to help pick out things in the classroom that Brayden would like.

Brayden has his little tote tray and other things ready for him in the classroom. I cannot believe school time is here, my hands are sweaty just typing this! He will be a big boy on September 8, his first day of school!
Of course me trying to prepare him for school dropped off several things with the school nurse (still unsure about his G-J tube feeding and his vomiting at school). And we put together pictures and notes about Brayden for the teacher and aids to understand him a bit more.
We are ready (or at least trying to be)!


Wherever HE Leads We'll Go said...

WOW! I am freaking out just thinking about Emily going to school next year!

It does sound like a great classroom. I cannot wait to hear how he does.

the deKorne family said...

So excited for him and for you! I'm sure it will be so difficult to let him go, but I hope it gives you a few minutes a day to shower and feel on top of things! Will be praying for his health issues especially related to that! Can't wait to hear how it goes... :)