Thursday, September 3, 2009

A day at the park

I have been promising Carter and Luke that we would go to this park all summer. With everything going on we have not had much time. Since Brayden had a good day yesterday, I called up some neighbors and asked them to join us at the amazing Clemyontri Park, a handicap accessible park with ramps and swings that Brayden can use. It also has a carousel in the middle of the park that we can roll wheelchairs right on.
It was a beautiful day with great friends.
Brayden even granted us with some smiles. I had a chance to run in to someone from church and meet her adorable boys (HI!).

For more pics check out the family blog.
Brayden is doing better and we are working on the suction machine. Of course I had help today with Brayden's respite care worker!


Shannon said...

Fun! We were actually there yesterday and I am going to take the kids again tomorrow.

Wherever HE Leads We'll Go said...

It looks like it was a beautiful day - weatherwise. So glad Brayden was having a good day and you got out to do something fun. That park looks amazing!