Monday, September 14, 2009

I tried not to go but...

So I tried not to go to Brayden's school today but that did not happen.

After being at school for just over one hour, I received a phone call. Brayden was having too many seizures for their liking.

Choice: I could come pick him up immediately. Or they would give him medication and call for an ambulance. Hmmm. I rushed to the school no need for an ambulance.

I arrived at the school to find that they just started their first fire drill for the year. I waited (with Luke) out by the flag pole with other school staff. Brayden was some where on the other side of the school. Finally the fire drill was over and everyone was filing back in to the school. I headed to Brayden's classroom to find him in yet another seizure and looking completely wiped out.

Just this morning I sent a note in to the teacher with a chart requesting her to document his seizures and vomiting so that we were better informed and could keep Brayden's doctors informed. She handed me the chart...he had 10+ seizures and one vomit since being at school. He arrived at 7:50 a.m. and it was now 9:40. I would say that is a lot of seizures in a short amount of time!

I brought Brayden home and gave him some medication. He is sleeping heavily and will hopefully wake up refreshed and back to his baseline.

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