Monday, December 13, 2010

That left leg

Brayden has very skinny little legs. His left leg is my favorite.

He stretches it out; not the right leg, only the left.
He stretches it out to help get his pants off. I just took off his pants.
Put socks on and his legs are back up to their normal position. His "frog" legs, where his legs normally rest.
Then I start to put on his pants. He stretches out his left leg to push his little leg through the pants. He will straighten out his left leg almost every time his dressed and/or undressed (even if he is crying and fussing).
I love this. Each time I feel his leg start to straighten, my heart flutters a bit. It is a clear understanding on his part. He rarely gives us a clue as to what is swirling around his little head. He does not speak any words. His only communication is a fuss, cry and scream, which he does with just about everything. Smiles happen at random a couple of times a week.

But this little skinny left leg...lets me know he is in there.


Shannon said...

Beautiful post, Carrie! I love the photos.

Jessi and Nic said...

I love this. Thanks for sharing.

Wherever HE Leads We'll Go said...

I love this post! It drives me crazy that I don't get to know what is going on in Emily's mind. I wish she could tell me! It is wonderful when there are things like this that let us know that they "get it".

Emily likes to be frogged legged too. When we put her pants on we tell her to push her legs through. If she does do it, she gets the biggest smile on her face like she knows she is helping. Of course, sometimes she smiles at me and keeps her legs bent (that lets me know there is a typical 3 year old in there with all the attitude to go with it!).

Slinki said...

"Like" :)

the deKorne family said...

Really adorable. Sweet are such a good mama to him. Love to you!