Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Nice to see you...it's been a long time

So goes a conversation with neighbors from our last neighborhood. I have not seen them in almost four years. They have not seen Carter and Luke since they were just little toddlers. They did not know we had Brayden or anything about him.
These neighbors are wonderful, always smiling, with a good story and laugh. We encountered each other while out on a farm to cut down Christmas trees.

We exchanged hellos and quick updates on our lives. They asked about the boys, their ages, etc. I did not know how (or if) to share about Brayden. There he was, my 3 1/2 year old boy, laying limp in the jogging stroller. They asked about him. I never know what to share, how much to share...not wanting to overwhelm someone with details but still trying to explain.

I do not share much because I have come to realize that people never quite know what to say to response...the conversation can quickly become awkward.

We assured them that while Brayden was high maintenance, all three of the boys were keeping us busy. We said goodbye, promised to try and keep in touch better then set off to cut down a Christmas tree.

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