Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Special Ed style

Brayden had a couple of days of school this week. Thankfully his nurse was there to deliver all of his Christmas presents. There are so many people that help Brayden and are a part of his weekly routines.

Here is Brayden's gift list...we give a gift to:
2 morning bus drivers
2 aids
1 Occupational Therapist
1 Physical Therapist
1 Vision Therapist
1 Speech Therapist
2 afternoon bus drivers
and of course his nurse (but her present is not ready yet)
we also send in a gift to one of Brayden's doctors and her nurse because they are always there for us.

Each person takes such good care of Brayden and helps him in so many ways...a little Christmas gift is the least we could do.

While at school, Brayden was in his stander, using his switch to turn on Christmas lights and Christmas music and apparently doing great with it all. Once he turned the music on, another little boy in the class would start dancing. I heard it was adorable!

Brayden has also been working hard on his Christmas present for mommy and daddy. It is sitting under the tree waiting for Christmas morning.


littleharves said...

brayden is obviously a very thoughtful and kind little boy xxx

Wherever HE Leads We'll Go said...

Glad to hear he is having fun with Christmas music and lights at school. That sounds adorable!