Thursday, December 30, 2010

Back to the lab...again

Would you believe the lab messed up again!?

I am calling out the lab this time. LabCorp in Lansdowne lost our first stool sample. A large bag filled with 7 containers, one envelope and lab order forms, were all lost without apology or explanation.

Second time I drop them off and hand the stool sample to the exact same people. A week later, we get most of the results back. Brayden's pancreas is not working properly, he is not absorbing food...thus a plausible reason he is not gaining weight/losing weight.

I get a phone call for the doctor's office. The remainder of the lab tests were done incorrectly. They froze samples that were not supposed to be frozen and did not freeze the ones that needed to be. Then the lab tried to say that the patient did it wrong! We do not do any freezing at home, we collect and hand it over to the lab.

We have to collect stools samples again...not as many and we are taking them to a different lab. And I am making phone calls to complain about LabCorp.

We are also waiting for the GI doctor to decide about the pancreatic enzymes. The doctor is currently at the hospital for the week and getting back to us next week. The pancreatic enzymes should help with food absorption. The question is what to give since Brayden only takes things by J-tube, into his intestine, which is different than going into his stomach.

Time is ticking by. Brayden is not gaining weight and the big appointment to decide about the keto diet is in early February.


The Henrys said...

Wow, I would not send anything else to them again! It makes me wonder if the results you did get are accurate...

My daughter had to do a urine test that had to be frozen right away. I told everyone in the lab about it, then watched as they put it in a tray for "later". I couldn't believe it. I asked for someone to take it to a freezer right away, then waited for that person to come back just to confirm it made it to the freezer.

Good luck with the next set of tests!

kirstenpetree said...

I cannot believe that!! I sure hope they get it right next time!

Michelle said...

YIKES!!!! Praying for you, for peace, rapid answers and lots of grace.

Eric said...

Solgar has a quadruple strength enzyme complex. half a pill should be enough with each meal. Crushing it to a fine powder should not be a problem for the J-tube. pancreatic enzymes are naturally released into the small intestine and not the stomach.
Hope this helps.

April said...

Good luck finding the answers you need- sorry it's been so tricky!

Wherever HE Leads We'll Go said...

Are you kidding me? That lab is terrible! I am glad that you are going to another lab. Hope you have better luck this time around!