Friday, December 24, 2010

Brayden's Christmas Eve

Brayden's Christmas Eve started with a quiet morning at home, when I noticed a massive blood blister on his favorite finger (the one and only one he uses for comfort). It was huge and painful. I wrapped up his hand to prevent him from bothering it...which irritated him greatly.

By the afternoon we were all at Jeremy's parent's home for food, fellowship and presents.

All the boys dressed nicely because later in the evening was church. On the way to the Grandparent's house, there was a smell in the car, Brayden had a stinky diaper. We were still 20 minutes from the house. It was very cold and windy...I decided not to stop...praying that there was no leakage on the good clothes. Meanwhile, the feeding pump keeps beeping and giving a message of "flow error". Nothing like a stinky car (windows cracked with cold air coming in) and a constant beep of the feeding pump, to get you in the Christmas spirit.

We arrive, change diaper, fix feeding pump and breathe. Brayden is doing pretty well, parked by the fire, with his switch that says "Merry Christmas"...recorded by Luke. Brayden's cousin, who is only a couple weeks older than him, was happy to help him with his switch.

Brayden makes it through the dinner, singing, gifts and chaos without much a complaint.

Next, we go to church. Carter and Luke are singing in the children's choir so I park myself and Brayden in the front row so I can see the boys and take pictures. Jeremy is helping hand out candles, programs, etc out in the lobby. Carter and Luke are off in the green room getting ready to come on stage. The intro music (to let people know the service is about to start) is playing...the bass of the music is deep and loud...that kind of bass I can feel in my gut and apparently so can Brayden because once that bass started, he started crying and would not stop. The church is filled with 1000ish people and we are in the front row. I push Brayden to the back of the church to quickly hand him off to Jeremy out in the lobby. As I am walking out, my heel gets stuck in the door threshold and Brayden keeps rolling...thankfully right to Jeremy.

I quickly rush back to my seat, to make sure I do not miss Carter and Luke's performance but I am disappointed that Jeremy is tending to Brayden and will miss it. Next thing I know, Jeremy is next to me...whispered that a friend came out to sit with Brayden so he could come in. Carter and Luke sang their little hearts out and then joined me in the front row. Jeremy was back out in the lobby with would be nice to sit all together but that was expecting too much.

Brayden then chilled in the car while we drove around to view Christmas lights, which he likes, as well as Christmas bows.


Junior said...

beautiful pictures.
Merry Christmas

Wherever HE Leads We'll Go said...

Sounds like a great night. What a sweet friend to sit with Brayden so you and Jeremy could see your older boys sing. Love that last pic of Brayden's hand.