Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Going to the Movies...the day that did not end

Carter and Luke have been wanting to see the new Yogi Bear movie. No better time, than winter break to get out for some fun.

We all loaded into the car; Carter, Luke, Brayden, his nurse and me. Off to a newer theater with very comfortable seating and nice places to park wheelchairs. Snacks and drinks for the crew and we nestled in for the movie. The theater room was heat not working cold. Luke and I ran out to the bathroom during the movie and lobby was warm, back in the theater, very cold. Everyone keep their winter coats on and Brayden did too, with a blanket over top.

After the movie, I kindly spoke to the manager. He tried to tell me that the theaters were all set to 72 degrees. I politely disagreed with him and encouraged him walk into the theater himself to feel the difference. I explained to him (very nicely) that I tried to treat my children to a fun day at the movies and they did enjoy the show but we all were cold and Brayden did not control his body temperature well and was concerned about him.

The manager disappeared, spoke to the teenager that walks the theater during the shows and came back to tell me that the staff did notice the room was cold. Then he handed me free movie tickets.

Little did I know that was the least of my worries. I run out to start the car and realize my tire it flat again. I am about 40 minutes from home. This little town center is new and no gas station yet. I called Jeremy, then I called AAA. I have everyone in the car. Brayden was just hanging out in the car seat and the boys were playing their DSi. We waited about 30 minutes when the first AAA guy arrived. He could not handle our type of tires because they were 24s and speciality...he did not have the right equipment. He left us and we waited for either a tow truck with a cab big enough for all of us or a person equipped for our tires. We waited another hour. Finally the AAA man arrived, jacked up the car (with the boys inside) and put on the spare. Problem is the spare is smaller than the other tires. The busted tire was put in the back of the car because he was not sure it would fit properly in the spare space. Where to put Brayden's wheelchair now? Half of the wheelchair, on top of the busted tire; half, in the front passenger seat. A few hours into this tire ordeal.

While all of this was taking place I was calling around to the place we purchased the tires, trying to find one of their locations close to us. They assured me that any of their locations could take care of us.

I delicately drove my car to the car shop. Upon arrival they tell me that they cannot service wheels that size...umm you sold us those tires!? Then tell me that I should not drive my car around because the different size spare can do some serious damage.

Trying not to freak out on them, I ask for their help in finding a place close by that could. A few miles away, a different tire shop. I get back in the car with my crew (thankfully all still pretty calm) and head to the next shop. We arrive and there is NO place to park.

I pull up right in front of the door. I walk inside and immediately I am scolded and told to move my car. I grasp the counter and with all my strength, try to nicely say, "I am hours into a car ordeal. First AAA guy could do our tires, so we wait for the next guy. Finally get a spare, then the place we bought our tires cannot service us and now we are here. I am driving around a car that I should not drive and I have my three little children in the car, one who requires a wheelchair and my son's nurse is with us too. I need someone else to move my car."

We all unload and someone moves my car. We walk next door to a restaurant, eat and park ourselves for about an hour when I get a call from the tire shop. The wheel and tire are beyond repair. I was told I could drive my car on the spare but only home and back when the new wheels and tire are ready.

We left the house about 10:00 a.m. for a movie. We arrived home about 5:00, saw a movie, lots of car repair people, with a car I cannot drive. The boys all made it through the car chaos. Brayden was on his best behavior (the day before and the day after he spent screaming), thank goodness.

Looking forward to some "quality" days at home, waiting for the call we can bring the car in for the new rim and tire.


kirstenpetree said...

Glad Brayden remained calm on that day for you! I know if he had been upset, the tire shop had better watch out, haha, I'm joking but I totally understand. Layne and Brayden are alot alike.

Michelle said...

I am so sorry this happened to you and you did handle it pretty well.

Mo said...

Oh good Lord!!

Courtney said...

oh my goodness! just catching up...i can't STAND car stuff! what a nightmare! you handled it you do everything!

Wherever HE Leads We'll Go said...

Car stuff can make me crazy! You really handled this well! Not sure I would have done the same. So glad all 3 boys took it in stride!