Sunday, October 3, 2010

That's us

I was talking with my father the day after going to the new respite house. My mother and father (like many others in the room) choked back the tears that day as the story was shared...about how difficult it was to raise a child with a lot of medical needs, all the while trying to raise their other children, be a family, function in life...this was the Solomon's story. The brochure and website shares many similar stories. My father said that he and my mother just thought about how this was my family...we are that family dealing with special needs.

I sat and listened to the story. I have read the stories.

As you hear the stories, you cannot help and think about how hard THEIR life. Yes, they have joy (because they know it is all part of God's plan) but it is hard. It is exhausting. It takes a lot of strength and support.

Brenda Solomon said about it being a crisis with no end in sight. It is one thing to deal with a crisis that you KNOW is only temporary but it is a completely different thing when there is NO light at the end of the tunnel because this is your life.

It is my life. {Deep sigh} That's us. It may sound strange but sometimes I forget. I guess that is good. I realize that we are getting the hang of things and every day does not feel like a crisis. But sometimes I forget and I need to be aware of it...for my family. I cannot take for granted this road that we are on. It is hard. It requires a lot from us, the family and our faith. Many families stumble and crumbled when their children have special needs.

I guess it is just hard to hear sometimes.

We are a family of five: the oldest boy with big brown eyes, the middle boy with white blond hair and the youngest with a feeding tube, wheelchair and much more. That's us.


Mo said...

Sometimes I'm sure the words of strangers mean very little to you and other days it may make things a little bit easier... but for what's it worth, you have a beautiful and strong family, inside and out, and you have been a joy to follow. That's the you I know.

littleharves said...

you know , i didn't realise that was my life either until afterwards. i read about your life now and realise that was my life too and i can't quite believe it. its just normal when you are in it, to others its incomprehensible. you are beautiful and such a wonderful mother xxx

Bugg's mama said...

I forget, too. Wyatt is my day-to-day normal. I get so used to our way of life.

What an awesome experience to see Jill's House. I hope Brayden is feeling better!

Love, Bree

The VW's said...

Sometimes I wish that all of us special needs families could all live in one big community......that way we could all be "that's us" families. We could be a great source of support and friendship for one another, and we would always feel like we fit in with everyone. Crazy dream.....but it's great to dream, right?!

Love and Hugs!!!

Tracy said...

Wonderfully put! It's just what we do!

Leah said...

It's all of us. You are one of many. :)

Wherever HE Leads We'll Go said...

Very well said. When you live a certain way everyday, you just live it and don't think about it. It becomes your "new normal".