Friday, October 1, 2010

Respite House

I had the privilege of attending the Dedication Ceremony of Jill's House. And my parents joined me!

Jill's House was founded by Lon Solomon (pastor of Mclean Bible Church) and his wife Brenda because of their daughter Jill. Jill started very early in life with seizures, leaving her physically and mentally handicap.

Jill's House is an overnight facility for respite care. The first of its kind in the US.

The dedication ceremony was wonderful. Brenda Solomon shared a little bit of Jill's story and how their discovered the need for help...respite. She cried...everyone around with tears in their eyes.

I sat and felt it deeply. Our stories are similar...with seizures, doctors, ER, hospitals, keto diet and even having the youngest be the one with medical necessities dictating the day while still trying to parent older boys.

After the ceremony, which was pushed inside due to the insane amount of rain, they cut the ribbon! Everyone had to watch it on the big screen since we could not be outside. We then headed into Jill's House to explore and tour.
Words cannot explain the details and thought that was put into this is high class. With murals on every wall, big bedroom and bathrooms then 3 sensory rooms, library, computer lab, therapeutic pool, indoor gym, art room, music room and outdoor playground.

Check out their website Jill's House.

Overwhelmed with the beautiful facility, we wandered through all the rooms. Even had a chance to talk with Brenda, who I recently come to know (a very tiny bit) and adore, introduce her to my parents and give her a big hug.

God is not only using the Solomon's life to impact thousands of people that attend MBC but through their daughter Jill, to bring care to those families dealing with special needs.

A breathtaking day.
Side note Brayden is not old enough to use the facility yet, they take children 6-17 yrs old.

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Wherever HE Leads We'll Go said...

It sounds like an amazing place. What a wonderful way to help others!