Tuesday, October 5, 2010

School to ER to Home

That was Brayden's day yesterday...school to the ER and thankfully home.

Brayden loaded the bus yesterday morning doing pretty well. I was picking him up at school early to take him for a g-j tube replacement at Fairfax Hospital (the tube replacement has to be done in radiology).

When I arrived at school, I found the school nurse with him and he was vomiting. He was vomiting uncontrollably. He continued to vomit for over an hour...non-stop vomiting, no break in between the vomits; a lot of saliva, dry heaving and then came some blood.

I had Luke with me. I hurried back to Waterford, dropped him off for afternoon kindergarten. Then Brayden and I headed to Fairfax Hospital. On our way, I called the doctors.

I was kind of panicking a bit. Of all the times Brayden has vomited, he has never vomited for this long without reprieve. He was miserable.

The GI doctor said to bring him to the ER.
In the ER Brayden was given Zofran to help the vomiting. It did and knocked him out. He was doing fine. The ER doctor spoke to Brayden's GI doctor (who was at the hospital that day). Whatever the GI doctor said convinced the ER doctor to release Brayden. He was discharged from the ER and then we headed down the halls to radiology to have his g-j tube changed.

A quick g-j tube change; the fastest one ever, thank the Lord.

Brayden and I loaded the car (thank the Lord for valet parking) and headed home. Hooray for home!


Jessi and Nic said...

Carrie, so sorry to hear Brayden was not feeing well! What an an afternoon you both had! But glad to hear he is home...there is no place like home!

The VW's said...

Hope he is doing well now! Poor boy.....that would be miserable! Hugs!!

Junior said...

oh poor guy, so glad you didn't have to stay at the hospital.