Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A brother with yellow hair and one who is missing pieces in his brain

Last night Carter had football practice. Jeremy and Luke were at soccer. I loaded Carter, Brayden and myself into the car and headed off to the football fields.

Brayden and I sat in the car, I was sipping hot tea and Brayden snoozing on and off, while Carter practiced.

At the conclusion of practice, I was waiting with one of the coaches, his son, another player and Carter. The coach started asking the boys about their siblings.

One boy said to Carter, "I know your brother. He has really yellow hair."

Carter, "Yep, that's Luke. And I have a brother who is 3. He is missing lots of pieces in his brain!"

I chuckled out loud. I have not really heard Carter describe Brayden another than when one of his friends asked what was "wrong" with Brayden. It was kind of funny it hear Carter say it with excitement and funny to see the coach's face look quite bewildered by Carter's description of his brother.

I felt the need to explain to the coach my chuckle and Carter's description. I said, "Our youngest is severely disabled and that seems to be the best way his brothers can explain him."
The little boy then said, "I know a boy who is missing his arm and fingers!"

The coach seemed to have no idea how to make sense of this conversation so I quickly spoke up and said, "Many people have different disabilities and they learn to do things in many different ways. It is pretty cool to see what can be done."

With that, the conversation was done.


Mo said...

What I see most remarkable about this conversation is that Carter, by choice, brought Brayden into the discussion. Regardless of how he described him, he included him as to not have him be left out. That's neat.

Shannon said...

What a beautifully simple way of telling people about his brothers.

Wherever HE Leads We'll Go said...

I love the way kids look at things! They just say things in a matter of fact way. Adults have to make it much more complicated for some reason!

Bugg's mama said...

I like Carter's answer! Sweet kid.