Saturday, October 23, 2010

The back of Brayden's head

Comment/Questions from people about the back of his head:

Person: "I did not know he had a blond spot of hair?!"
Me: "Um, blond? Yes it is a bald spot."

Another person: "So you shave the back of his head?"
Me: "Um, no."

Brayden has a large bald spot. He spends most of his days and nights on his back in one way or another. He needs full head support, thus his head is usually up against something. He turns his head side to side all the time, like shaking his head no. He is not loosing his hair, it just seems to rub away. Lately the bald spot has gotten bigger.
It's a good look, right...the lastest trend...


Debbie said...

you kill me...(in a good way :) )
so glad you are out there, you are someone I totally relate to.

Hudson, like Brayden, has no head control, prefers his backside always, and is always trying to rest up against something, if not his head flops down.

He is blessed with a ton of thick hair, but from the side profile, it looks like half his head is missing...:(

Wherever HE Leads We'll Go said...

I cannot believe someone asked if you shaved his head. That made me laugh out loud! Emily also has poor head control so she has her head against something most of the time. She has a TON of hair, so she has not rubbed it bald, but it is always in knots! Trying to comb her hair should be an olympic sport!

The VW's said...

I'm always wondering when this is going to happen to Gavin. He is on his back a lot of the time and he moves his head back and forth a lot too. So far, the hair is holding, but it sure is a snarly mess!

My husband would tell Brayden that the bald look is a great one! :) Hugs!!!

Eric said...

Not trying to alarm you but you could see a dermatologist about that...have a look here as well:

It may be nothing or it could be a sign of an imbalance or even disease such as lupus. Worthwhile looking into it now rather than later.