Monday, October 25, 2010

I cancelled the doctor appointment because

I know Brayden has lost weight.

He has lost about 2 pounds. Down from 28 to 26.

One evening, he was in just a onezie and diaper (I love him in just a onezie). I picked him up and he felt skinny. I hurried to the bathroom.

Weigh myself holding Brayden - weighing myself = him loosing weight.

I canceled the appointment for the ketogenic clinic because I know that they monitor his calories, intake and weight. And his is off. I know the reason he lost the weight is because of the stomach bug he had and additional stomach issues. All of which take awhile for him to recover from and be able to handle to amount of food they want him to have.

I rescheduled the appointment in a couple of weeks. I hope to catch up with his weight. He is always struggling with it. In fact since January'ish he has been between 26-29 pounds, gaining, losing...the doctors and nutritionist not pleased.

They want him to get about 955 calories in a 24 hr period. We are not reaching that amount but trying.

Yes, I cancelled it because I know that I would be reprimanded and given that stern look that those doctors like to give because Brayden lost weight.


Slinki said...

As if you need anything else to add to the mother-guilt we all suffer from! Sometimes things are just out of your hands...I'm sure you are doing the best you can do with your boy. I agree with cancelling and rescheduling. You are a pretty cluey and switched on mother anyway. Hopefully he will have caught up by the time you see the docs.

Junior said...

I am sure he will gain it back, Junior was like that when he was little and we were always fighting to keep his weight up. Now that is not at all a problem and we have to keep him from gaining too much.

Wherever HE Leads We'll Go said...

I don't blame you at all. As moms, we have enough guilt and worry to go around. We don't need anyone giving us "the look" to help us along with that. Praying Brayden will catch up as he starts feeling better and better.

Eric said...

Perhaps you could post why you think you are not getting to the desired calorie intake and someone might come up with a helpful suggestion.