Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Switches are for the dogs

Brayden uses switches. The switches a big buttons used to activate things like a toy.

Brayden has a switch that is recordable. We record messages on the switch so that when he pushes the switch is says something.

For example:
Going to church - Luke records for Brayden "Hi! My name is Brayden!"
Going to football - Carter records for Luke's game, "Go Huskies!"
Going to a birthday party - Carter and Luke record, "Happy Birthday!"

Brayden has moments when he might hit the switch to hear the message. Most moments he seems to care less if the switch was there or not. We keep trying it with him, it is a great way for him to communicate and play.

Brayden is trying to activate the switches...You know who loves to activate the recordable switch?!

The dog.

One evening, I was in the kitchen, Jeremy and the boys were in the family room. When all of a sudden we heard, "Happy Birthday!" "Happy Birthday!" "Happy Birthday!"

The dog found the switch. She pushed it with her nose several times and was so proud of herself for finding those people hiding inside the switch, from whom the voices were coming.

Maybe the dog will help Brayden...


Wherever HE Leads We'll Go said...

I love that picture! The dog looks like such a sweetie! Maybe she is trying to be a companion dog for Brayden. I bet she could learn to help him with all kinds of things (and maybe have her own fun at the same time).

The VW's said...

How funny! Where did you get your switch? Gavin uses them at school....when he is actually well enough to go!....but I'd love to have one at home for him! Hugs!!!

Junior said...

Oh that is so funny.

Debbie said...

OMG.....even our DOGS are the same!!!!

we have a black lab-mix!!!

too funny!