Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Sore Legs

Brayden had a post-op appointment with the orthopedic surgeon.  The botox looks good.  The hamstring/adductor release...the doctor removed the bandages from Brayden's legs and I was surprised to see the incisions, much bigger than I realized, just over an inch on each leg.  No wonder Brayden is uncomfortable.

We are keeping the incisions sites covered/bandaged for a bit longer (since they are just inside the diaper) to keep them as dry as possible.

We can return Brayden to his regular activities of the stander, leg braces, wheelchair, etc; to help keep those muscles loose.  However, Brayden will not be going back to school this week as I thought he would.  At this point he is still sore and very sensitive about his legs.

Brayden did come home with another contraption.  A brace for his hips, oh fun.  Something else to do, put on him, keep clean, irritate him...I mean, something else to help him.  The doctor really wants us to use this for him when he is in bed.
Back to see this doctor in a month.


The VW's said...

Hope he is pain-free soon! What are the braces supposed to do for him? Whatever they are supposed to do....hope it works! Hugs!

dannette said...

I am amazed that Brayden can sleep with the brace on! Wow, I think Meya would fight it as she usually fights sleep anyways.