Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Brayden and Piggie

Brayden is now the proud owner of a little pig...well a little motorized pig that he can activate by his switch.
We set him up for his first meeting with piggie.  He was slow to start but once he got going, he seemed so proud of himself!
We have video!
I realize the video is a bit long (almost four minutes) for just watching him activate the switch but I want you to realize the amazing things that are happening.
  • His hands - his sweet little hands are active, he is moving them (his neurologist was once shocked that he has some intentional movements).
  • His "home base" seems to be his face/mouth.  When he wants to hit the switch, he goes up to his mouth and then down to the switch.
  • He can find the switch.
  • He knows the piggie is there, he does not really look at things straight on but you can see him glaring at the piggie from the corner of his eye.
  • He can tolerate a long period of time (this was over an hour) of trying and letting that pig make the noise and wiggle up against him.
  • He is understanding cause and effect.  Push the switch, the piggie goes.
  • He is having fun!  We do not know many things that he truly enjoys since he rarely lets us know (he is good at letting us know what he does not like but not the other way around).  He is making his happy noises.
Check him out below or at Brayden and Piggie.
That little pig noise can be pretty annoying after about 2 minutes but for Brayden...we will let him go for hours!


Amity said...

so cool!

Junior said...

Way to go Brayden, love seeing that happy face when you are playing with your cool pig.
Happy New Year

Vivianne said...

This made me smile from ear to ear! How adorable! Well done Brayden and well done mum for working so hard to achieve these things. xx

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful video! Glad you took the time to post it. It's def the little things that we learn to appreciate! I noticed the side pads on his chair, we have a kid kart almost identical to it and have always had problems with my daughter's arms "falling" off the side. Where did you order them from? Tonya

Grandma Ellie said...

Awesome, Brayden!