Sunday, January 29, 2012

Paging Dr. Luke

Who knew that naming our middle son Luke was the most appropriate name for him; for Luke is a doctor in the Bible.
Helping with Brayden's book and puppet kit from school.
Well our Doctor Luke is well versed in many fields of medicine.  He knows about EMTs, ERs (knows where to find the snacks), x-rays, MRI, CT scans, EEGs, EKGs, echo cardiograms (he loved to watch that one), ultrasounds, incisions, bandages, casts, IVs, blood tests, feeding tubes, seizures, ICUs, hospital beds, hospital cafeterias, hospital toy rooms, pharmacy, medications, medical equipment (both boys can work the feeding pump)...the list goes on.

Luke started this school year finally being full time, since he is a big 1st grader.  In the years past, he would travel with Brayden and I to many doctor appointments, hospitals, ambulance rides (of which he prefers to ride in the front), tests, etc.  Carter was in school and Luke was my side-kick.  He was always so patient sitting in so many places, many times while chaos was around him, taking it all in.

I would say that nothing has ever frightened him.  Not one bit of the medical world that we have experienced has been scary to him.

Well apparently he deems himself to be a man "in the know", per our conversation the other night.
Oh how I wish you could hear his voice...high pitched and full of life.
Luke:  Do you know J?
Me:  Who?
Luke:  You know, B's older brother J.
Me:  Okay.  How do you know him?
Luke:  From B.  I was talking to his mom, Mrs. R.
Me:  Really.
Luke:  Yeah, see J wants to work at the hospital.  You know were we go.  So I told Mrs. R that we could help J get work there since I know people.  You know, the people at Fairfax Hospital.  Yeah, yeah, we could help him since we go there a lot and we know the people.
Me:  Okay (knowing that I had to talk to Mrs. R to find out what in the world Luke was talking about).

Then Luke wandered off, feeling confident about his world and his connections.

Luke, barely seven years old, has seen more of the medical world than most adults.  It will be interesting to see what path he takes in life...maybe in a medical field.


Vivianne said...

Adorable! You must be proud as punch of your little man. Of *all* your little men! :)

Shannon said...

Love! Love! Love! And my kids enjoy "Goodnight, Gorilla" too.

Leighann said...

I think this about Ainsley sometimes. Today Ryan had his pulse ox on and the alarm sounded. Without skipping a beat Ains said, "It says 65" and kept on playing. She knew I'd want to know what the reading was since the alarm went off. Seriously. These kids.