Thursday, January 26, 2012

Relaxing at home

Brayden has spent the week at home.  He did not go to school.  He stayed at home, his favorite place to be.

The pain seems to be going away.  I do not think his legs have actually been in pain, it seems to be more from the incision site (and after I saw them, I do not blame him).  Moving him around is a bit uncomfortable and changing the dressing/bandages is not pleasant at all; but once he is situated he seems to be just fine.

Getting a little bored yesterday...after playing with toys, watching movies and helping me around the house, Brayden tried out some other earphones.  At the store, I found a pack that had an assortment of different headphones (all in one pack for $5, I do enjoy bargains).  I scooped it up, hoping that one of the sets would work for him.
We tried and this seemed to work best.  Of course the real test is using them out and about...goal is to help block out some of the noise around him that may be a bit overwhelming.


Junior said...

Brayden I am glad to hear you are feeling better. Cool headphones.

Stacie said...

He looks great - glad to hear he's recovering!