Saturday, July 12, 2014

He does a Cabana and a Nap

Jeremy rented a cabana several times during the week, right by the ocean, right by the pool.  Plenty of shade for Brayden and a giant place to relax.  Of course the boys (including Jeremy) liked it because it came with a concierge to bring drinks and food.
Only question was, who was coming to be the one to move Brayden...cause he was not going to be happy to leave this spot.

The resort was wonderfully accessible, ramps and paths to get to everything.
It truly was one of best family trips we had, mostly due to the fact that Brayden did really well and had no problem finding sleep when he needed it.

Friday, July 11, 2014

He does the Beach

After much (too much) research on the perfect family vacation spot, we decided on Hilton Head.  We had to surrender the idea of renting a house on the beach any more...trying to find an accessible house, with accessible access to the beach, and not a house of 12 bedrooms (since we only need 2-3), proved to be a impossible task so we looked at resorts.

We found a Marriott resort in Hilton Head but is was 10 hours drive.  We haven't tried that long of trip with Brayden in several years.  In fact we did go to Hilton Head several years ago and Brayden was not a fan, we spent many hours rotating the person who would walk the property pushing Brayden, just to keep him from crying.

So we loaded the car and all of Brayden's gear.  The road trip went smooth (had to make a quick stop on 95 to pick up Carter and Luke from their trip to Myrtle Beach).  It was smooth until that last bit, as most beach goers know.  All of the beach traffic, with huge thunderstorms and close but so far.  Then came the noise, an explosive noise.  No we did not blow a tire, Brayden blew his diaper; even the boys begged us to stop and take care of it.  We had to find a place to pull over and pray for a break in the storms.

All was clean and we finally made it.

It was one of our best family vacations, the place was very accessible and Brayden enjoyed every bit of it.

First time really taking him out in the ocean, and he did great!  But we had to ease him in with a start sitting on the boogie board.

 Oh how happy it makes us to see him so content and comfortable!