Saturday, June 18, 2011

These two

Special needs is a thread the runs through the Jenkins family.  This lovely lady is Aunt Janine.  Jeremy's aunt.

She has provided the Jenkins with oh so many hours of entertainment, laughs and joy.  You can truly see why God provides families with children such as these.

Here these two are staying away from the bugs at the farm.  Aunt Janine promised me she would shoo away any bugs that bothered Brayden.

To have big brothers

Inevitably the youngest of three boys is going to be tough because of having the older brothers.  Older brothers take their little brothers on adventures and push them in ways that perhaps they would not try (nor mom and dad would either).

Case in point, I am home with the three boys.  All three playing in the family room.  Brayden in a large bean bag while his brothers play around him.  I am upstairs and come out to the landing of our two-story family room to find it empty...Brayden too.  I shout out, "Where are you guys?"  Carter responds, "We are taking Brayden to the great room but just taking him for a ride."  My heart rate increases a bit, wondering how they were moving Brayden...Did they try to carry him? Is Brayden okay?

I hurry downstairs to find the big boys pulling Brayden around in the bean bag.  Brayden is happy as can be.  I thought he would not like to be pulled around, especially since the cast has just come off.  Carter and Luke are taking him for a ride and the dog was following behind them all (I did push the dog out of the way so I could get a picture of Brayden).

A little adventure for Brayden.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Last Day of School 2011

Brayden finished up his 2nd year of preschool at Catoctin Elementary.  He was happy this morning, kicking his feet and making noise (happy to go to school or that school was done...I am not sure but Carter got a picture of it).
It seems as though he missed quite a bit of school this spring between hospitals, ER, doctors, broken leg,...  Still, we sent him when we could.  He seemed to be handling it all pretty well towards the end of the year.
One more year left of preschool...

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Birds of a Feather...

Brayden had a special art program at school this week.  Lots of fun textures with model magic, cotton, feather, nuts, etc.  The idea was to make a bird with lots of fun things to touch and feel.
Luke and I helped Brayden make his bird (I think the bird looks like an old lady going for tea).
Brayden was having such a great time.  Lots of smiles from my precious boy.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Cast Off

We headed for the orthopedist early this morning.

Brayden started the day with pants and a cast.  The pants were gone because of a diaper blow-out, during rush hour traffic on the beltway (momma did not pull over for that one so there was leakage).
The cast came off because the x-rays looked good.  Showed lots of bone growth. 
His leg looks so little.  The cast was a bit dirty inside (perhaps collateral damage from diapers!?).
Brayden handled it all pretty well.  His leg is stiff, there is a big bump where the break was and a tiny bit of skin breakdown.  There will be physical therapy and putting him back in the stander.  But all in all, he is happy (so far) and so is mommy!  And Luke was a great helper, being very patient and holding Brayden's hand because he "had done it before" what he told me since he had his cast off last week.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Out for Fishing

Brayden and I joined the boys on the farm for a night of fishing.

A cookout at the historic farm house then head to the pond.

Brayden was supervising from his and all.

Then, hopefully, the last night with the big blue cast.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Smells

First, Brayden's appointment to get his cast off is not until Monday now...not sure why, I talked to the scheduler today and his is on for Monday.

Second, Luke got his cast off this morning.  In a brace for a while but no cast.

Luke's cast certainly contained dirt, leaf particles and general funkiness, yes it did smell.  And his was water proof.

Brayden's cast is not water proof (different ortho dr).  The cast goes all the way up to the diaper line.  The top on his cast is definitely a bit discolored.  Thankfully no major diaper blowout that seemed to seep into the cast but still the cast is showing some collateral damage from diaper changes...gross I know.  I have a feeling his cast will be a bit smelly too.

I tend to be a person that smells/scents trigger a memory or reaction.  Most of the time a candle is lit in our house.  I do not like the way the house smells after dinner is done and the smell lingers.  Jeremy sent me flowers for our anniversary and just the fragrance of them feels romantic.  I have a lotion that reminds me of summer camp (it smells like Skin so Soft).  Walk in Abercrombie and it reminds me of college...the store was a bit hit when I was in school and seemed like everyone around smelled like the cologne.  The smell of a fire in the fireplace, immediately makes me cozy.  I realized the other day that the smell of the hospital once bothered me but I do not even notice it anymore.  As the warm weather comes, I step outside and a breeze passes filled with the scent of honey suckle.  The smell of honey suckle warms my heart, like a reminder of childhood and playing outside...probably one of my favorite scents.

You hear people talk shortly after a loved one has passed, they find things that smell like them, remind them of them; an old sweatshirt, the pillow, etc.  A fragrance of that person, finding comfort and memories in that smell.

Brayden tends to smell like his formula and/or his diapers (the smell lingers).  He has moments just after the bath when he smells good, like his soap and shampoo.  Hopefully his leg will not be too bad when the cast is finally removed.

I wonder what he smells.  I have always thought that those with vision impairment had their other senses heightened.  Does he smell me?  Daddy?  His brothers (who tend to smell like dirt and sweat lately)?  The school bus?  School?  The hospital? 

Nothing is more memorable than a smell. One scent can be unexpected, momentary and fleeting, yet conjure up a childhood summer...Smells detonate softly in our memory like poignant land mines, hidden under the weedy mass of years and experiences. Hit a tripwire of smell, and memories explode all at once. - Ackerman

Monday, June 6, 2011

Do you see what I don't see?

I do not see ribs poking out.  This yummy tummy is looking good.

Brayden appears to be gaining weight.  Thank the Lord.

He feels like he finally has meat on his bones...bones that are no longer protruding and causing his discomfort.

We just cannot weigh him because of the massive cast.  Once the cast is removed (Wednesday!), the first thing I want to do is weigh him...well after some good cuddles.

Friday, June 3, 2011

A week without anything

I have not blogged this week because I have been actually enjoying the week.  Finally a week without any appointments, labs or unexpected visits to the doctors.  I did not even make phone calls for insurance, medical supplies or pharmacy trips.  It feels like we have not had a medical free week in months.

Brayden went to school one day this week.  I had to drive him.  He does not fit in his wheelchair because of the massive leg cast.  Which wheelchair, no bus ride.  Luke and I dropped Brayden off at school for a couple of hours, in his jogger stroller.  Brayden did great, although he was so tired he fell asleep before we even got to the car.

The rest of the week, I ran actual errands...not rushed.  Talked to with friends...not rushed.  Had a couple of meetings (while catching up)...not rushed.  I felt like I could breathe.  I picked up some new outdoor furniture, assembled it.  Then Luke and I painted some furniture outside (we made a mess).

Brayden has been in a great mood this week.  His nurse took him for long walks and sat outside enjoying the nice days.

I felt like I was in a great mood this week.

Now countdown to Tuesday, Luke gets his cast off and then Wednesday, Brayden get his cast off!