Saturday, January 14, 2012

Bad site

Brayden G-tube area is looking bad. 

This G-tube site he has had for almost four years.  This hole in his body for four years (lots of tubes/buttons in and out of there).  Never in four years have we had a problem with the site, not even a skin irritation.

The past several days his g-tube site, where the white gauze are, seems to be infected.  Not skin irritation, something coming from the inside out.  The gauze is covering were pus and blood are seeping out.  It is really red and painful.  He does not want us to touch it, clean it, turn it, etc...if we do, he cries and kicks his legs in protest.

The GI doctor and nurse took a look yesterday.  We now have a prescription for Keflex, an antibiotic.

Brayden did amazing at the doctor.  He was calm and would only fuss/cry when they touched a sensitive area.  He did a good job letting them know where it was bothering him.  I was so proud of him.

We will check back in with the GI doctor on Monday.

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