Tuesday, January 3, 2012

How to Break-up

I need advice on how to break-up with doctors.

For example, a few years ago Brayden was seeing a GI doctor at Children's.  We were in and out of the hospital every few months with this doctor due to Brayden's ongoing GI troubles (first g-tube to g-j tube and chronic vomiting and delayed gastric emptying problems).  One night Brayden was taken to our local ER then to be transferred to Children's...however Children's was very, very full, not even room in their ER.  Brayden was transferred to Inova Fairfax (a large hospital in Northern VA).  There we met Brayden's current GI doctor.  This current GI doctor has been a good fit for Brayden and for me.  After a couple of months with this new GI doctor the doctor at Children's called me directly (trust me he is not the kind of doctor who makes his own calls).  He asked what our plans were for Brayden, since he was curious as to why he had not seen him in a few months.  I fumbled together some awkward answer about finding a new doctor.  I was not sure how best to answer him; after all he did invest a lot of hours into Brayden's care (and my mental sanity).

We had a similar situation with an ENT a few months ago.  The first ENT found that having his tonsils and adenoids removed would help with Brayden's sleep apnea.  Due to some difficulties getting Brayden scheduled at the hospital where this ENT worked, we jumped ship and headed to Children's.

Now we are back to another doctor situation. Brayden has been seeing a Physical Medicine doctor and Orthopedic Surgeon at Children's, as part of the CP clinic.  They were the ones who discovered Brayden's hip problems.  And they are the ones recommending the big operation on Brayden's femurs and hips.  However, we are going back to Brayden's original ortho doctor, whom he has seen since he was one year old (this doctor found that the operation is not necessary at this time and Botox can help).  I just got an appointment reminder from the team at Children's.  I will call and cancel the appointment but should I send an explanation?

So here is the question...How do we break ties with a doctor?  We see these doctors a lot, so it is not like we can just fade away...or maybe we can?  The doctors have spent a lot of time with us discussing options, doing procedures/operations.  How can I break-up with them when we have switched doctors?  Do you need to offer an explanation?

It is wonderful to live in an area where we have so many options for great specialists...it is just hard for us to split Brayden's care between Children's and Inova Fairfax.

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