Thursday, January 12, 2012

Black Lab

We have a black lab...she is really more the boys' dog (and by boys I mean Jeremy, Carter and Luke).  The dog follows them around and waits for them to come home for the attention.

The dog does pay attention to Brayden every once in a while; but for the most part she barely goes near him.  She may gently come over to check on him, usually topping it off with a few licks to his face.  Amazingly, he tolerates that...but if mommy touches his face he is not a happy camper.

For Christmas this year, Brayden's Great-Great Aunt (who only looks old enough to just be an aunt) had a blanket made for him with black labs all over it, even with a red collar like our dog.

Brayden has been wrapped in this blanket for his trip on his school bus.  This week a therapy dog came to his class.  This dog visits the classroom on Wednesdays and since Brayden just started going on Wed, this was his first time really interacting with the therapy dog.  According to his teacher, Brayden did just fine with the dog.

When Brayden came home that afternoon, I parked him in the kitchen.  I turned around to gather his things and when I turned back around our dog was laying her head in his lap, sniffing him.  Our dog would not leave him alone.  She was wondering where he had been...

On a side note, I was trying to consolidate some folders on my computer and found a picture of the two of them from a few years ago.  Brayden was just one year old with our puppy we just brought home.

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