Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Music Muffs and Wrestling

The Music Muffs arrived (headphones in earmuffs).  I downloaded some Mickey Mouse and Praise Baby songs to Carter's ipod...I had to assure him that Brayden was only borrowing it.

I had the Music Muffs ready for Luke's wrestling match.  A gym filled with over 10 wrestling matches going on at the same time, screaming parents (nothing like a screaming wrestling parent, yikes, they scare me), coaches, announcers, etc.  Perfect time to try out the muffs.
Getting the muffs on him was a challenge, he is not trusting of anything touching his head and face.  Once in place and the music was playing, his eyes got big and he listened.  I thought to myself, We have figured this out.  He likes it!  Aren't we just nifty.  I was ready to buy him his own ipod.  That thought only lasted a mere moment when he started to move his head.  The music muffs would NOT stay in place; then would end up around his neck or on his face or wrapped around the top of his head...all getting him aggravated and upset.  No matter what position we tried we could not get the muffs to stay in place.  Between Brayden's tiny, pointy head and the head support on his wheelchair, the muffs were not happening.

He did like the music, so I am looking for other options...earbuds do not work for him, I am thinking earphones like the old school walkman ones.


Melissa said...

Or something like a head sweatband to hold them in place?

Vivianne said...

Oh no! Just when you think you've got it!! Don't you just hate that.... I hope you can find a way to make it work :)

Anonymous said...

YEAH! for him liking the music idea...BOO for the muffs not staying in place. i'm sure you'll find the perfect something to make it work! (maybe his OT or teacher would have a suggestion?)

Leah said...

i actually just bought wyatt a pair of kid sized headphones...padded and everything...they fit his little head and seem to stay on well. i can email the link from amazon if you want it!