Saturday, August 1, 2009

Brayden the Thrill Seeker

We ventured to the local fair last night with some family. Despite the ferocious thunderstorm that came rolling through in the afternoon we still made it out that evening, Brayden's Kidkart needed some ruffing up anyway (a little dirt and animal extras).

We thought we would let Brayden experience the fair this year rather than just tag along.

He got to pet a sheep.

And no trip to fair would be complete without a ride. Brayden and daddy braved the giant slide. Brayden did great all the way down until the last bump, it scared him and he was not too happy with us but quickly recovered.

It was fun. For all of the family action check the family blog.

Who knows maybe next year it will be a roller coaster (just kidding).

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