Sunday, August 23, 2009

The busy fair

It was a cool and extremely humid Saturday and we headed to a local fair. The rain that covered the area was sure to be a muddy mess at the fair. We did not want to take Brayden's KidKart on such an off-roading adventure for fear it may never recover so Brayden was in the double jogger stroller. I have held onto our double jogger from when Carter and Luke were little; we lived in a neighborhood with sidewalks, lots of little parks and a neighborhood pool. I would load Carter and Luke into the stroller and off we would go.

Brayden was in the jogger for the fair. He was in one seat and his food bag was in the other, both strapped down. He did alright in the jogger. He managed to dose off and when awake he seemed like he was trying assess his situation...what he was sitting in, what were all the noises, where we were...

One of the best thing about being a mom is seeing my boys have fun, absolutely filled with excitement and joy. Carter and Luke enjoy fairs (we hit up a lot of them). They run for the pony rides, petting animals, rides, cotton candy, snow cones...all just a blast for them.

Of course we drag Brayden along for most of these adventures without much of a clue if he likes it or not. We do think he enjoys to be outside.

I had a deep breath moment yesterday at the fair, watching a mom fuss over her children (in a "I love, love, love my children and everyone else should too" way). Her two little toddlers were all over the animals, so excited to be amongst the little goats. One of the children I would guess was Brayden's age, two years old. I actually felt myself get irritated with this mom, I know...not really mature but I have those moments.

It made me think of what the age of 2 really entails. Lots of exploring, getting into things, playing, busy, busy, busy; which makes for a busy mom. I have a busy toddler but in a completely different way...a way that I pray was better for him and our family. I felt like this mom at the fair had no idea what real busy was. I stood there and thought about how much I longed for Brayden to be in there with the animals right along side her children being a busy two year old, being excited for the fair.

Seeing Brayden in the jogger stroller, made me think about when Carter and Luke were toddlers sitting in that jogger. I had no idea how busy my life was going to be. I felt busy enough with two little boys. Then we had our third boy. We adjust.

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Wherever HE Leads We'll Go said...

I have those moments now and again. When I see other kids doing things that I wish Emily could do. She is our only child, so we forget what typical kids her age would be doing. When we are in situations with other kids and see them running around, sometimes it can be like a smack in the face.

I wouldn't trade her for anyone in the world, but sometimes I do wish her life had turned out a bit different. I have to remind myself that she is exactly the way that God intends for her to be. I won't pretend I understand why, but I have to trust in His plans. If I don't trust Him, I would really be in trouble!