Friday, August 21, 2009

The results are in

The blood work results came back today. All is looking good. Brayden's pancreatic levels (lipase) are well within normal range. The pancreatitis is no more!

The doctors are still unsure about what caused the pancreatitis and if it could be an ongoing problem. At least for now it is doing good!

Brayden's vomiting is still around and today in full force at 6 times by the afternoon.

That still leaves us with questions...What is causing the vomiting? Is there an answer?

We will see the GI specialist next week to discuss.

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Shannon said...

I am happy for the good news that his blood work all looks good. I just wish you could get an answer to the "why is he vomiting all of the time" question. Praying for an answer soon.