Saturday, August 15, 2009

Another Day

Brayden is doing better. His pancreas levels are still high, better than yesterday but extremely high. Thus a CT scan was done. The CT of his pancreas came back mostly normal, which is good because it is probably not chronic pancreatitis. Still no explain about why he has pancreatitis.

A neurologist, who works with Brayden's neurologist, came to consult with the GI doctor. They are looking into the pancreatitis being caused by one of Brayden's seizure medications. They are not really sure but there is not much else to explain it.

Brayden will be staying yet another night at the INOVA Fairfax, with Jeremy sleeping beside him in that oh so comfortable fold out chair. Then in the morning Brayden will be checked again for his pancreatic levels.

He has been such a trooper this week. He is such a hard stick and getting blood work or an IV started on him is hard and then keeping it is always a problem. His little chubby arms and feet have been poked and poked. He is still vomiting, not as often so that it better.

Brayden continues to be in a pretty good mood. Smiling a lot today.

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Shannon said...

We are continuing to keep you all in our prayers. We are praying that the doctor can find a cause for his vomiting quickly.