Friday, August 14, 2009

Fun at the Hospital?

We thought Brayden would be coming home today.
That did not happen.

He was started on his formula via J-tube (into the intestine) this morning. Shortly after that, the vomiting came back in full force. Blood work was done and the pancreatic levels were up. When we arrived at the hospital was 813, then later down to 650 and today it was 1023. The normal range is 32-219. So the GI doctor would like for Brayden to stay and be watched. Still no idea what is causing the pancreatitis. The pancreatitis is assumed to be some of the cause of the severe vomiting (not all the vomiting but could be a contributor). The doctor ordered something called a Farrell Valve, an enteral gastric pressure relief system, to help relive pressure on Brayden's gut. It is basically an empty bag that is connected to Brayden J-tube. While he is being feed, the food goes in from his feed bag and air comes out through the Farrell bag. We have to wait and see what effect it could have. We also may be revisiting some medications that Brayden has tried in the past but this time in larger doses. Brayden has still been vomiting all day. His pancreatic level should be checked again tomorrow and decisions will be made from that point.

We still have many questions about the pancreatitis and what it means.

As many of you have experienced, the hospital is all about waiting. Thankfully the playroom and court yard are not too far from the room so Carter and Luke had some good playtime, riding bikes, tossing the ball around, painting pictures and more. Brayden has enjoyed getting out of the room, going for a ride and being outside. Jeremy caught a nap on a bench.

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