Saturday, August 29, 2009

Another day at the hospital

Brayden was doing a little better today. He was able to sleep but when awake was uncomfortable fussing, crying or screaming...just not himself yet. But holding his daddy's hand seems to help.

The GI specialist came and spoke with us about the MRI of Brayden's abdomen. It all looked good, which means that there are no organs in danger or signs of a chronic problem.

Starting last night Brayden's stomach (remember he is feed in to his intestine) is being suctioned through his G-tube port, the tube that goes into his stomach, of his G-J tube. It is being suctioned every four hours for half an hour. The GI doctor is coming to the conclusion that Brayden's stomach has no motility, meaning it moves nothing on down into the intestine, his stomach does not work. All of the stomach bile and saliva that is collected in his stomach has to go somewhere and he vomits. They are trying the stomach suction to see what kind of effect it may have on the vomiting.

The good thing is that we know the remainder of the path small intestine, large intestine and on out, seem to be working just fine since Brayden's bowel movements have never been a problem. The problem is with the stomach.

Brayden is scheduled for an endoscopy on Monday morning just to check his stomach. In the meantime Brayden is being started on his formula through his J-tube (intestine) to see how things go and they will continue to suction his stomach every four hours, which we may be doing at home.

Carter and Luke came for a visit today. A little snack in the cafeteria, time in the playroom, they always have fun. Jeremy has befriended the little lady in the cafeteria, who always provides him with a laugh. From having back to back visits to this hospital we are now starting to know the staff around us.


Shannon said...

Continuing to pray for you guys. We love you.

Andrea said...

It's interesting, the picture of Jeremy holding Brayden's hand and you writing about how that helps him...much like our need to hold our Heavenly Father's hand to feel better in life too.