Sunday, August 16, 2009

Brayden is home and the news

Good news: Brayden is home. We are all under one roof and it is wonderful.
Not so good news: Brayden's pancreatic levels were extremely high this morning, higher than any other day. They sent us home because he was no longer on IV fluids, keeping his vomiting to a manageable amount and his has been taking his feeds. Anything they were doing at the hospital, we could do at home. Brayden has a new medication and new type of bag to attach to his food bag.

Good news: All other things look good except the pancreas, which rules out any major dangers (like the liver, kidneys and such).
Not so good news: The doctors are still not sure what is causing the pancreatitis. After consulting with the neurologist, it is possible the pancreatitis is caused by one of Brayden's seizure medications.

Good news: Seizure medications can be switched and there are several options.
Not so good news: Transitioning seizure medications is sometimes a difficult process and can cause more seizures until Brayden's body is acclimated to the new medication which can take weeks.

Good news: The doctors are looking for some possible answers.
Not so good news: Brayden will see his pediatrician, GI doctor and neurologist this week and next to discuss the pancreatitis and chronic vomiting. Blood work will be done to check Brayden's pancreatic levels. If they do not come down significantly then he may be scheduled for an endoscopy and/or MRI, both tests he is sedated, which we do not enjoy.

Good news: Brayden is seems to be feeling better and is happy to be home.
Not so good news: We still do not have answers to the pancreatitis or the chronic vomiting. It may be a long couple of weeks.

The best news: We love Brayden. We know he is completely in the Lord's hands, the entire situation is the Lord's sovereign plan. We may not understand (much of anything) but we rest in knowing He knows.

Home with a inside picnic and movie. It is the best to look into the family room and have all my boys (and a girl dog) together.


Shannon said...

I love the photo. So glad you are all back home together. We will keep you in our prayers.

Courtney said...

yay! what a sweet pic! praying for you guys!!

Leah said...

glad to hear that everyone is at home together. i can tell you have a girl dog because she is the only one smiling for the picture! :)

Leah said...
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