Tuesday, August 11, 2009

2nd opinion

Brayden is still vomiting.

It is not abnormal for him to vomit a dozen times a day.

Since his food goes into his intestine, the only thing he vomits is stomach juices. And this morning had a dash of blood in it. He wretches the worst kind of wretch every time.

We are going on one year of this and no real answers.

It feels abnormal to really question or second guess doctors. They are the experts, they have gone to school...they have tried many things for Brayden but no change. When is it time to look for a second opinion?

It is time.

This Friday we will seeing another GI specialist. There are not many around that handle children with G-J tubes. I have no idea what to expect from this doctor visit. I am typing out Brayden's medical history in regards to the G-I issues, especially since we have been to different places for tests. It is a lot when all of it is put together. Lots of scopes, tests,...the list is long.

Even if this doctor says we have covered our bases, then we will know that we have covered our bases. Or he could have fresh perspective and offer a bit of insight.

Something has to happen. Brayden cannot live with this. He cannot.

Please pray for the vomiting problems. We feel at our wits end. Pray for the doctors to have some wisdom and direction for Brayden.


K said...

Carrie, we are praying for you guys and Brayden!!!!

Unknown said...

Hi, we have the same issue with our son Owen. He vomits like the no ones business. I have two suggestions for you. One…is your child has several different issues involving his brain and I was wondering have you had and MRI for his hypothalamus? Owen has had scans of his to see if it was abnormally sized because it is the part of your body that controls things like sneezing, vomiting, ect…(which I’m sure you know). Owen is also tube fed and I read your blog pretty regularly and I was wondering. Do they have your son on his pump to long or to often? Does he have Delayed gastric emptying? Owen did better when he was off the pump longer and got just a little higher dose when he was on. My email is amybowders@gmail.com if you ever need to talk.

Ps- it’s not a bad idea to get a second opinion. Owen is a cardiac, renal, and GI troubled child. We’ve gotten second opinions. They either restore your faith in your doctor or open your eyes to new endeavors.

Shannon said...

Oh Carrie, I am so sorry. I think you are correct in seeking a second opinion. (I am all about them!) I hope a new set of eyes will find a cure for the vomiting. So many prayers are said for you guys in our home.