Monday, June 30, 2008

My own Musical

The Lion King is currently showing at the Kennedy Center. Carter and I joined some family to watch the show yesterday. The Lion King was magnificent, the best show I have ever seen. It was magical; there are few things better than musical theater. It is entertaining to watch the story unfold with songs.

I have to tell you that secretly in my mind I am starring in my own Broadway musical. I do not want to be in an actual musical, I just have one playing in my mind. For the most part, I do not start singing in the moment; almost like the songs are the background for my everyday life. Songs are playing in my mind for the majority of the day. Just about any word can set the stage for a song to start playing (i.e. driving the kids around in the car – On the Road Again, giving my kids a bath – Splish, Splash, cleaning the house – It’s a Hard knock Life).
A friend asked recently if I felt like Brayden’s circumstances have changed my relationship with the Lord. I immediately answered, absolutely. I cannot do this by myself. I have spent moments where I actually cry out loud to Him for help. I do this in the car, alone or just with Brayden. Hopefully the people next to me at the stop light think I am on my phone because sometimes I am actually yelling.

How do I hear from him? I do not get those soft whispers like in the Karen Kingsbury novels (thank you to my mother-in-law for that addiction). I think He places songs on my heart, There’s within My Heart a Melody. I am so thankful that I learned so many hymns growing up. In times that I feel overwhelmed and lost in the chaos, my favorite song His Eye is On the Sparrow is playing in my mind or Trust and Obey. I have days when I feel like I cannot move any faster, Be Still and Know that I am God starts up. The most popular one for me these day is an early 90s Twila Paris song God is in Control. Each song is comforting and wonderful reminders to focus on Him.

Having Brayden in our lives has definitely changed things. It has changed the play list in my mind and brought words of the Lord closer to my heart.
What is your music?

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Courtney said...

wow, carrie. thanks for sharing your heart! i hear music all day long too...