Friday, June 6, 2008

I have feet?

Brayden is sporting his first pair of sandals. For the most part, he has been wearing those wonderful little Robeez shoes, which are so soft and flexible. Brayden is not really aware that he has a body. He is not quite sure what to do with his hands and not sure that he even really has feet. We just found out that he has sensitive little piggys. We strolled into Stride Rite to have his feet measured. He did not like that. We found his size and proceeded to try on some shoes. He did not like that. He curled his toes and made it difficult to shove on any pair of shoes; once the shoes were on, he pounded his feet against the foot rest of his Kidkart. He liked the sound of that. Maybe he has found his feet after all!?

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