Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Like it never happened

It always amazes me that children can be really sick one minute and fine the next, like it never happened. When I get sick, it is a day of sick and a day to recover from being sick. Brayden is doing much better. After 48 hours of lots of vomiting and seizures, he is smiling and back to himself, like the past couple of days never happened. On the other hand, I feel spent. That seems to be the story around here lately. From the very beginning with Brayden; all the tests, doctor and hospital visits, he is always fine and I am wiped out, Jeremy too. God gave those little ones the ability to bounce back quickly!
I have moments where it seems like things never happened, sometimes going into the doctor. Five minutes before we are there Brayden is miserable. We go in; he has no fever, smiling and acting great. I sit there and think that maybe it never happened and I am being that hyper mom. There are times he has seizures and they come and go so quickly. I think maybe it never happened? That is why I started video taping the seizures in the beginning; to assure myself and the neurologist that they were really happening.
Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night not really thinking clearly. My mind trying to make sense of where I am and what is going on. Over the past year, I would think maybe all of this with Brayden never happened. Maybe it is not bad as it seems. He is a healthy, normal baby lying in his crib. This cannot actually be happening. Then I wake up and realize that this is my life; wife to Jeremy, mother to Carter, Luke and Brayden, loving every minute of it, resting in the knowledge that God knows what is really happening.

Brayden is doing better. After a few tests it was found that he just has a virus and we need to wait it out. As of tonight, he is doing just fine. We are giving him Pedialyte through his G-tube and adding back his formula over the next several feedings. He has been able to keep everything down. We are waiting to hear from the neurologist about the seizures. It typically is just an increase in his medications. Right now he is sound asleep like today never happened!

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