Sunday, June 8, 2008

Protecting the Turtle

We have arrived at Topsail Island for our family vacation. Just Jeremy, myself and the boys came to relax. Topsail Island is very low key little beach area. It's pride and joy are their turtles. Topsail is a nesting ground for the Atlantic Loggerhead Sea Turtle. Everyone is aware or made aware of the sea turtles. Each time you check in you are handed keys, paper work, lists of area restaurants, house rules and turtle rules. The people of the island do not want the turtles disturbed and have a list of things to do and not to do so that the turtles and their nesting areas are protected. They want those little ones to make it! The turtles need a clear path to their nests and beach. They can distracted by lights at night, mistaking it for the moon. The holes in the beach could be a potential trap for these creatures. The people work hard to make it easy for them and give the turtles the best chance possible.

As many of you know, we refer to Brayden as our little turtle. He is slow moving and keeps a lot hidden inside his shell. The turtle is a good representation that we need to slow down for him, focus on where he needs to go without all the possible distractions that may cause us to loose our way. We too are protective of our little turtle. We always try to make him as comfortable as possible. Watching to make sure he is taken care of since he is so small and cannot do much for himself. We want to everything we can to provide him with the best chance possible.
Brayden is using the beach as his nesting ground this week. Just one day in and he has found the beach to be a very relaxing place, understanding why turtles like it so much. Only a few minutes after settling in down on the sand, he was sound asleep.

We have lots of clothing with turtles. It seems to be very popular during the spring and summer. He wears his turtle clothing so well. It is a great reminder to us that he is slow moving and to be protected. He shirt today says "Life in the slow lane." Definitely his motto.
We love our turtle!

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