Friday, June 13, 2008

Finding the Treasure

Sitting on the beach, watching people go by. Several people have been looking down at the sand. At first glance, I thought they were looking for sea shells. There have been several spots where people stop and spend some time looking. Out of curiosity, I had to go check it out too. I looked down for some amazing shells. That is not what I had found. I came upon large piles of bits and pieces of shells, rocks and seaweed. The next couple of days I watched more people stop and look at these piles. It seemed as though they were looking for something special. I saw someone find their treasure; they scooped it up and put it into a little bucket. What are they looking for? What is in that pile of broken pieces? Finally, someone told us that along the beach, people have been finding shark teeth. Little and big shark teeth. People at Topsail Island do not look for sea shells, they look for shark teeth. Once we were aware of this treasure, we had to look. Carter found a little tooth. Luke is still looking.
We are constantly looking for Brayden's treasures. Carter and Luke's have been more obvious; their singing, imagination, sweet little voices or projects they have made. Brayden's little treasures have been when he first started stroking his hand on top of ours, kicking his feet, the once in a while smile, etc. I am sure that Carter and Luke did these things but at the time we did not find them as such treasures. We were looking for those big treasures like the crawling, walking and talking. Brayden has changed the way we look at things. We are looking into a pile of broken pieces not finding big things but the little treasures. Treasures that we hold onto dearly.

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